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Alexander Bengal Breeders offer Top Show quality TICA registered pedigree Bengals.

Our cats come from Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines and are well known for their extraordinary sweet and gentle temperaments. We believe this is directly related to the environment we provide them from birth.

Bengal Cat Breeder in NC

since 1997, located in North Carolina – near Charlotte, NC. Our cattery provides top quality services throughout the east coast of the United States including FL, VA, TN, SC, NY, NJ, GA.

Alexander Bengal’s cattery focuses on quality not quantity. This is where you will find only the finest Bengal StudsQueens and Kittens. We take pride in being a small cattery that speciallizes in Bengal cats only, which allows us the opportunity to give extra special attention to every kitten from the day they’re born. All Alexander Bengal kittens are raised in our home under foot as family. Our Bengal’s grow alongside our five altered dogs and enjoy a lot of loving attention from all three of our sons as well as Vance and myself. Alexander Bengal’s are bred for pet and show quality. We also enjoy showing our cats on the SE show circuit.

  • The Bengal cat is currently registered with TICA, ACFA and FIFE.
  • We breed our Bengal’s to preserve the beauty and look of their wild ancestor’s. Bengal’s are very affectionate, intelligent, active, and good with dogs and children.
  • The smallest Bengal I have bred was eight pounds and the largest was twenty three pounds – the males being on the larger end of the scale.
  • Bengal cats come down many generations from the Asian leopard cat. The ALC (Felis Bengalensis) thus the name, Bengal. ALC’s are approximately 10 pounds in weight with large eyes and pronounced whisker pads. These cats are found living along the rivers from Siberia to Bali and Kashmir to the Sea of Japan. This cat lives in dens and swims well.